On not getting into a PhD program

This profession has a way of subtly placing blinders on the impressionable young people it attracts or keeping them too occupied or insulated to expand their horizons. I think people get hung up on the idea of ‘I just need to clear this obstacle and then the rest of my life can begin’, but academia is just a series of checkpoints exactly like that. Each one should give us pause when we come to them.

02 Mar 2021 · Matthew Alampay Davis

Reflecting on the first year of an economics PhD program

I’ve been in academia now for around five years and I have yet to run into a grad student who I felt wasn’t working hard enough: effort is never why students fail. The admissions process is random and biased and flawed, but it reliably overselects on work ethic. I worry that telling prospective or current students that they will fail if they aren’t ready to commit all their waking hours to a subject they’re really only just sinking their teeth into will be self-fulfilling with deterrent effects on people with underrepresented or non-traditional backgrounds and less entrenched in the self-preserving microculture of academia.

28 May 2020 · W. Matthew Alampay Davis

The 'Economists’ Statement on Carbon Dividends', an oil-funded Trojan horse?

Economists espousing a minor carbon dividend plan isn’t surprising. But Janet Yellen, Marty Feldstein, and the oil-backed Climate Leadership Council seem to have purposely misappropriated and misrepresented the thousands of signatories’ support to fabricate a non-existent consensus against complementary climate policy, namely green public works and subsidy programs.

19 Feb 2019 · Matthew Alampay Davis